I love when I see it in my nose and dark hair. Whether or not I felt the industry would see me that way or accept me - that was always a question. But believing in myself was never a doubt.

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Very occasionally someone will stop me and go: ‘You’re an actor, aren’t you?’ Yup. ‘What have you been in?’ The Good Shepherd. ‘Never heard of it.’ Elizabeth: The Golden Age. ‘Never heard of it.’ Birdsong. ‘What’s that?’ You sit there, reeling off your CV, and they’re like: ‘No, no, no, no.’ So now, when they say: ‘You’re an actor, aren’t you?’ I just say, ‘No.’

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Aaron Tveit: a white shirt and ray bans appreciation post

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finn and rachel will always be the best thing about glee they are endgame they will always be together even if rachel gets a new love interest rachel will always love finn more im sorry thats just the way it is

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“Lea doesn’t want to move fast into another relationship so quickly from the loss of Finn,” a source says. “The show is going to take things naturally and make things as real as possible and have her deal with the loss and issues that come from it. Rachel, for the remainder of the show, is going to be a version of Lea that she wants to show to her fans. Cory and Finn will not be forgotten, and that will be shown throughout the rest of the series.” — (x)

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If you give me a stage, to sing on, I know in my gut that there’s no one that can beat me

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 ”When the music hits, you feel no pain, to quote Bob Marley. But it’s true. It’s like all art and creation: You’re completely in the moment, and you just feel free.”

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